The state of The Nepali Shopping experience in the context of Nepal
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Why we like it: Most travellers associate Guiness with the city of Dublin, home to its original factory where tours run daily. But few travellers will be aware of the extent to which the Guiness family shaped the city. In this article Chris hunts down the lasting legacy of the Guiness family, from the cathedral they helped save to the famous public park they created. The result is an entertaining and insightful post that will leave readers with a deeper appreciation for the distinctive black tipple and those who created it.

Why we like it: If ever there were a more drool-worthy, idyllic scene captured on camera, we've yet to see it. Vicki's snap of this deliciously shimmering pool on the shores of a Maldivian beach is not just a treat for the eyes due to its subject matter – the image is split perfectly into thirds, with the reflective depths of the water in the foreground, the lounger-lined beach and ocean in the centre, and the sun-kissed clouds unfurling into the distance. The delicate fringes of palm tree at either edge of the shot frame it expertly, and complete a totally dreamy palette of colours.

How has being celiac changed the way you travel?

If I'm honest, it hasn't changed it that much. I've always been one to carry food on me and can easily get 'hangry' if I don't have snacks! That said, it still has changed in terms of needing to be more proactive and I can't always be as spontaneous as I'd like to be. Food is definitely at the centre of my travels now, but I refuse to let celiac disease stand in the way of seeing the world.

The whole reason I have a website in the first place is to empower others in a similar fashion. I was also finding that many celiacs were not wanting to travel unless they could eat at 100% gluten-free spots, which is why I launched the listing of 100% gluten-free places in 41 countries and counting!